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Abstracting and Research Services
  • Runsheets and Flowcharts
  • Cursory lease and HBP checks
  • Leasehold title
  • Surface and Mineral Title Determination and Reporting

  • Detailed Ownership Reporting
    We conduct a thorough title examination from sovereignty to present and provide detailed ownership reports of surface and mineral estates on open, leased and HBP lands.  These reports are complete with information regarding leases, operator interests and contact information for owners, operators and lessees when available.  In addition to the standard Mineral Interests, we also report Working Interests, Overriding Royalty Interests and Net Revenue Interests.  

    • Leasehold Reporting
    • Due Diligence
    • Curative
    • Contract Negotitations
    • Management


    Through our affiliation with reputable survey and engineering companies, we can offer:

    • Rights-of-Way and Easements
    • Property surveys
    • Civil Engineering and Land Planning

    Land and Ranch Sales

    FindARanch OutWest is our ranch real estate division and the Western division of FindARanch.com. We provide professional sales, purchase, consultation and market valuation services to property owners and prospective buyers throughout all of Texas.  We pride ourselves on developing quality working relationships with our clientele; relationships based on respect, integrity, and trust.  We take the time to listen to your needs and will work tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise.    

    FindARanch OutWest is a full service brokerage specializing in ranch and rural properties.  We provide professional sales, consultation and market evaluation services to property owners and prospective buyers.

    Texas law requires all license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services form to prospective clients.

    Cleat Stephens, Broker




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